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  • A great way for your guests to give YOU the priceless gift of a laugh within a picture. You won't miss ONE SINGLE MOMENT because you receive a digital copy of EVERY photo taken that night! Wink ... Think of the fun you can have with that!
  • Fun props & costume pieces to add that personal touch. You are welcome to add any of your own to the collection for your guests to use.
  • A personal touch by having an on-site attendant.
  • An opportunity to give yourself a photo-registry, rather than just their usual signature!
  • Floating Candid Photography available by request.


Q: How does it work?
A: It's easy!
  1. Your guests have the option to "accessorize" with your Fun props and costumes. (see samples above)
  2. They will then enter the Fun Photo Booth and stand/sit on the bench/floor.  
  3. After pushing the start button, their will be four pictures about 4 seconds apart.                  
  4. Next, the guests will exit the booth and receive their photos.                                   
  5. Their is a duplicate strip option available so your guests can write personalized messages in your photo album creating a Fun and Unique guest book.

Q: How fast do the photos print?

A: The photos take ONLY 20 seconds to print and are immediately dry.

Q: What if we want more than 4 hours?
A: No problem! $50/hour.  Many of our DJ Packages include the Fun Photo Booth pricing at a Bundled Discount!  (service hours must coincide)
Q: How many photos do our guest get to take?
A: Unlimited!
Q: What if our event is up or down stairs?
A: Our custom designed photo booth can easy be carried into any location.  Our on-site attendent will take care of all the booth transportation and set up.  All we need is access to 1 power outlet. 

Q: How do we get additional copies of photos?
A: You receive a DVD with all pictures! Not only the 4 picture strips, but each individual photo also. That's 5 pictures burned on your disc for every session! We offer options for printing additional duplicate photos and online storage of your photos so all your guests can view and download the pictures after the event.