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This audience participation mystery/comedy invites you to become celebrated guests of Lord and Lady Moon at the coveted Annual Moonlight Masquerade charity gala. When a diamond Tiffany necklace scheduled to be auctioned off at the event mysteriously disappears, it becomes clear that someone present isn’t quite what or who they appear to be. But things take a decidedly sinister turn as members of the entourage turn up quite indubitably, irrevocably dead. Could one of the remaining blue-bloods be responsible? Could someone in the audience help solve these heinous crimes? Can the crime be solved, or will the entire evening be “Eclipsed”?

With this hilarious cast of aristocratic characters, mayhem is the appetizer, madness the main course and murder is served a la cart! 


LADY SILVER E. MOON: American by birth, educated and raised in England, married into her title. She is imperious, demanding, possessive and extremely jealous.

LADY LUNA CEE: A noble Englishwoman by birth, having a small but respectable fortune, and rather tired of the charade.

LORD CRESS N. MOON: A poor English nobleman. Vain, self-centered, affected, reckless but ineffectual.

BARON VON KRATERFASSE: A titled but impoverished roué, who in fact looks remarkably like Lord Moon.

MANFRED: The butler. Conventional, class-conscious, cool and detatched. 

HENRIETTA QUARTER, called HATTIE: A Texas lawyer. She has street smarts and savvy.




You are cordially invited to this special memorial dinner in honor of our dearly departed brother, step-father, employer, companion and friend, Jonas Carmody. “He is lost, but not forgotten! His body lies within the cold bosom of the earth, but his spirit dwells warmly within the bosom of each and every one of us!” 

Texas was never this fun – or this deadly! Jonas Carmody, President and Founder of Carmody Oil, is dead of “natural” causes at the age of 72, leaving an estate valued in excess of $30 million. The heirs apparent are in for a big surprise when they gather together with his friends and business associates for a memorial dinner in his honor. Unbeknownst to his eccentric family, a surprise reading of the will is on the menu, and murder is certain to be a la mode! As the story unfolds and the family unravels, it seems everybody wants more than their fair share. But who is willing to kill for it: the prim and proper step-daughter, the greedy, ne’er-do-well brother, the hot-shot lawyer, the underpaid security guard, or the floozy girlfriend? In this hilarious mystery/comedy, a host of colorful characters and interactive fun is brought to life. Audience members are encouraged to come in Texan attire and will team up with the detective to crack clues, obtain evidence and ultimately help solve the crime committed before their very eyes!



“Moider at Mayhem’s” is a murder mystery/parody/audience participation vehicle that takes place as a show – within - a – show, via the Golden Age of Radio, circa 1942. “Moider” is portrayed as an episodic serial presented by “The Mystic Masquerade Mystery Hour” on a fictitious radio network, “sponsored” by non-existing products.

The characters, from the “sponsoring” show on down, are caricatures of stereotypes heard in mystery formats on radio in the 1930’s and 40’s, when radio was the king of entertainment. Our characters should be considered armed and dangerous, and very politically incorrect. All can, and should be suspects!

The show is presented as radio would have been in it’s hey day, frenetic, loud, fast paced, and best of all….live! And YOU are the studio audience. The stage is set to give a sense of a large radio studio, with actors reading before a large “boom” mike, with the sound man off to the side, trying to keep up with the spoken action. Watch for the lighted signs that ask for your help in key moments----“applause”, “gasp”, etc.

We further encourage our live audience to join in the fun by occasionally closing their eyes, and imagining what the actors are portraying. It will give you the feeling of listening to a broadcast from that era, and heighten your sense of awareness. You should also try experiencing the visual aspect of this production---watch the actor’s faces for character clues, to know which character is speaking ----there are only five actors playing about twenty parts!----Also, this will give you an idea of what radio actors and sound people had to go through in order to get their stories across to their live audiences in the studio.

Similar to live radio broadcasts of the day, we are having a contest, to see who in our audience can unravel the clues that lead to the “murderer”! There will be many clues dropped along the way, so you won’t want to miss anything. You are as much the detective as the intrepid---or is that insipid? Capt. Jack Gumshoe!

So, pull that fedora down on your brain, hike that collar up on your battered raincoat, and check the safety on your Smith and Wesson. You’re about to go detecting a “Moider at Mayhem’s”.




This audience participation mystery/comedy invites you to prepare for magic, mystery and mayhem! The comical twists and turns of these professional entertainers will keep you laughing in the aisles...


Magician - as himself

Dick Johnson - detective

Magician Assistant/Singer - Chelsea 

Magician Apprentice - Todd Dorfman, stage name Lexington Thorningston Unctuous

The Roadie - Rolf

Set in the grand performance hall of one of the greatest magicians in the world. Hold on to your hats - or you might be the white rabbit...





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Greetings Ye Lords And Ladies … “Join Us For An Interactive Romp Through This Medieval Farce … Come One Come ALL !”


Prince Theodoric plots to murder the King and assume both the throne and his father’s considerable wealth. Failing this, King Lucias has threatened to marry him off, whether to peasant or royalty, and ship him off to some poor, insignificant country, and and so throws a ball, where all of the court and township are invited. Chaos ensues as the women view for the Prince’s attention, or the favor of the King, for if Theodoric does not choose, King Lucias shall choose for him. To what lengths will people go for the honor of the Prince’s hand? Only YOU can help decide!

Scribed & Directed by Paul Vanden Boogard